• Customer Service Division

    Our customer service representatives are the wonderful ladies you hear on the other end of the phone when you dial into the Jefferson Utilities” office lines.  Our customer service mission is to enable our customers to have confidence in your service, treated with hospitality and professionalism.

    Our customer service representatives are here to assist you in a vast array of customer needs such as:

    • Understanding the billing process, statement and its due date
    • Activation and Disconnection of customer accounts
    • Meter readings
    • Work Orders
    • Setting up automatic payments
    • Taking payments over the phone and through our drive-thru window
    • Updating and maintaining all customer accounts
    • Collections of all customer accounts
    • And much more …..
  • Finance Division

    Our finance division is to assist our management in capital improvement projects, payroll, in-house auditing of records and provide a financial timetable for internal reporting and controls.

    Such duties are:

    • Accounts Payables
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Internal audit control measures
    • Payroll
    • Financial reporting
    • Transfers
    • And much more….
  • Operational Division

    Our operational division’s mission is to always provide excellent quality potable water service to our customers 365 days of the year. It is the sole responsibility of our plant operators to inventory all sites and respond with precision to each issue that may arise.

    Jefferson Utilities takes great pride in the vast network of water lines, wells and treatment plants we have been able to amass over the years. This network of assets is monitored on a daily basis by our team to achieve the best quality and quantity water service in the Jefferson County.

    Our operators treat on an annual basis over 273 million gallons of water from our well network or 747,000 gallons per day or 518.75 gallons per minute to our customers. On a daily basis our operators visit each plant location to run mandatory testing, procedural checks and maintenance to keep our plants in full operation.


  • Management Division

    Our Management division has a sole purpose and that is to work with our team to create the best working environment we can. To ensure quality staff, we must have a balance of understanding to the wants and needs of all who work for us and what qualities they can bring to the organization.

    Our management division does the following:

    • Determines construction projects and scheduling
    • Approves engineering projects for new development
    • Hiring of employees
    • Scheduling of staff
    • Working through any internal and external issues
    • And much more….
  • Construction Division

    Our construction division serves to improve and maintain our water line network throughout each community we serve. Our customers will see our construction team periodically when fixing leaks, changing out assets that need equipment operations or the installation and replacement of water lines.

    Their sole mission is improving our system so it will continue to operate in the manner we want which means fewer leaks and less loss water.