RE: Water Meter Testing
150 CSR7

A customer can request (in writing) that they would like to have their meter tested for accuracy. If the
meter is not due for a periodic testing, the utility will notify the customer of the conditions under which the test
will be made by the utility. If the customer wishes to proceed with the testing they must remit one-half (1/2) of
the scheduled cost for the test. The customer will also be required to pay for the labor of removing and
reinstalling the meter. This will not be refunded to the customer. Price from the testing facility and the price
for labor will be determined at the time of request. When the water meter is tested and found to be more than
two percent (2%) slow, the amount advanced by the customer, for the meter test, will be promptly refunded.

Test Conditions

The water meter will be removed and taken to get tested. The customer can be present for the testing
of the water meter. At the customers’ request, the meter can be sent to the manufacturer for testing. After
testing the meter, the utility has the option of reinstalling the existing meter or installing a new meter.

For pricing and questions please contact our office at (304) 728-2077 ext. 217 and speak with Ron.

I am requesting that my meter be tested for accuracy. I understand the terms set forth above.

I would likeI would not like to be present at the time of testing.