Please read the attached policy to determine if you have a qualifying leak.




I, the undersigned customer, do swear that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge,
and I do hereby request an adjustment to the water bill under the provisions of Jefferson Utilities, Inc., Leak
Adjustment Policy.

Include copies of your receipts for materials,
plumber's bill, etc. You will be notified of the amount of the adjustments made and any remaining balance due or credit
on your account

Leak Adjustment Policy

Jefferson Utilities, Inc (JUI) will consider a request for a leak adjustment in accordance with section 4.4.3 of the
Public Service Commission’s Rules and Regulations for the Government of Water Utilities. A leak adjustment
will reflect the Incremental cost of producing water as set forth in Jefferson Utilities’ approved tariff.

Leak adjustments will not be given for re-occurring leaks, for leaking fixtures and appurtenances inside or
outside of the structure, for leaks due to the use of substandard materials, for leaks due to failure to
properly protect his service pipe and plumbing from freezing.


  • The leak must be non-preventable and be located in the service line on the customer’s side of the
    meter. A leak adjustment will be granted whether the leak occurred inside or outside of the building
  • Leaking commodes, dripping faucets, malfunctioning appliances and similar situations, leaks
    due to improper customer service pipe materials and / or construction methods and leaks due
    to frozen customer service pipes shall not constitute leaks which entitle the customer to a
    recalculated bill. Jefferson Utilities will visually inspect the area to determine the nature of completed
    repairs purported to be necessitated by the leak.
  • Within thirty (30) days following discovery of the leak by the customer or by JUI, the customer must
    make a written request to Jefferson Utilities for a leak adjustment using the form provided by Jefferson
  • The customer’s service pipe must be made of a standard material used for buried potable water service
    pipes and must have a minimum static pressure rating of 150 psi. The use of pipe fittings that require
    the use of hose clamps on poly tubing is prohibited. A customer who has a leak in a service line that
    does not meet these standards shall be allowed only one adjustment for a leak that occurs in that line
    and only after the customer replaces the service line with a service pipe that meets these standards


  • A leak shall be defined as the volume of unusual usage of water during any billing period which
    increases the customer’s water usage above the customer’s historic water usage pattern.
  • Historic water usage is defined as the customer’s previous twelve month average usage. For a new
    customer with less than twelve months of usage, the historic water usage is defined as the customer’s
    average usage for the number of months as a customer at the current location. In either case the
    historic water usage average will not be less than the minimum gallons per month of a minimum water
    bill for the particular class of water service.
  • A leak adjustment will be made on the customer’s water bill greater than the customer’s historic water
    usage pattern.
  • The amount of leakage subject to adjustment will be billed at Jefferson Utilities Incremental cost rate
    set forth in Jefferson Utilities’ approved tariff. No leak adjustment will be made for more than a two
    month period.
  • All leaks that have been discovered shall be repaired within thirty (30) days and verification of the repair
    must be submitted to Jefferson Utilities. A leak that has not been repaired within 30 days of discovery
    shall not be eligible for a leak adjustment. Further, it is understood that a leaking water service not
    repaired within 30 days of discovery shall be subject to termination.
  • Only one adjustment per customer will be allowed in any 12-month period.
  • The bill in question will be due when rendered and must be paid on time to avoid penalty
    charges. A request for a leak adjustment will not affect penalty dates, will not affect amounts
    due and will not eliminate charges.
  • On bills that are approved for a leak adjustment, all penalty charges will still apply.
  • All leak adjustments made will be credited to the customer’s account and applied to the next month’s
  • Jefferson Utilities will allow the customer to establish a payment plan one time per twelve-month period.
    The payment plan must be at the customer’s request. In the case of a customer requesting an
    installment plan for the payment of a large bill due to a leak, all the terms of the plan must be
    met by the customer to avoid penalty charges on current bills.