If you are moving into a home that already has water service and you need to have it placed into your name, you need to complete our water application. All new customers or returning customers need the following materials depending on which type of customer you are. If a security deposit is needed, we accept cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Discover or Visa. There is no same day service, so please apply at least 24 hours before you expect water service. We cannot back date your service start date. When we turn the service on is the date in which we start billing you.

Jefferson Utilities (Water Tariff)

Charles Town Utility Board (Sewer Tariff)

  • Includes former sewer customers of JCPSD & City of Ranson

Charles Town Municipal Tax Assessment

Shenandoah Junction Public Sewer, Inc. (Sewer Tariff)

Valley Water & Sewer Services, Inc. (Water Tariff)


If you cannot bring the required documents into our office, you have the following options:

Postal Service:

Jefferson Utilities, Inc.
270 Industrial Boulevard
Kearneysville, WV 25430


To: Billing Department
Contact Number: (304) 728-8494
Subject: Water Service


To: support@juiwater.net
Subject: Water Service

Water service will only be started when the application is received by our office personnel. Please do not call and state that application has been mailed, this will not start your service.


Required documents for service:

  • Completed Application
  • Valid Driver’s License or state issued ID. All ID’s must be enlarged to at least 110%.
  • Security deposit (see subdivision list below)

Deposit Schedule & Associated Tariffs:

Jefferson Utilities (Water), Charles Town Utility (Sewer) :

$75 sewer deposit

  • Aspen Green
  • Beallair Estates
  • Breckenridge
  • Briar Run
  • Burr/Bardane Industrial Parks
  • Cambridge
  • Deerfield Village
  • Jefferson Orchard Property
  • Kratz MHP
  • Lakeland Place @ Fairfax Crossing
  • Marine MHP
  • Parkview MHP
  • President’s Pointe
  • Rogers MHP
  • Shenandoah Springs
  • Stanley Jones MHP
  • The Boulevard @ Potomac Town Center
  • The Market Place @ Potomac Town Center
  • Walnut Grove
  • Woodland MHP


Jefferson Utilities (Water) : No deposit

  • Amber Knolls
  • Breckenridge North
  • Gapview
  • Harpers Ferry Campsites
  • Harvest Hills
  • Keyes Ferry Acres
  • Meadowbrook
  • Westridge Hills

Jefferson Utilities (Water) & EJSS (Sewer) : $106.66 sewer deposit

  • River Riders Complex
  • Sheridan Estates

Jefferson Utilities (Water) & Shenandoah Junction Public Sewer (Sewer) : $50 sewer deposit

  • Shenandoah Junction

Valley Water & Sewer Service (Water) : No deposit

  • Apple Orchard Acres
  • Deerwood



Fill Out Water Application

If your residence is new construction or you have been on a well, we will need to provide a tap to one of our Jefferson Utilities’ mains. There is a tap fee of $350.00 along with our water application that will need to be completed to start the process. Review the sewer security deposit listings above which may be required for your area.

Please note that this application process will get you signed up for water only. If you need public sewer service, you will have to sign up with the sewer service provider.

After Jefferson Utilities sets the service inside your property line, you are then responsible to extend that service line to your residence. You must also provide a shutoff valve where your service line enters your residence. If you have a well it must be disconnected from your plumbing, since you cannot have public water and a private well both feeding into your plumbing system. When you are ready for the meter to be installed, call the office at 304.728.2077 to schedule one of our technician’s to check for the shutoff valve and to then set the meter.

Fill Out Water Application